Face and Object Recognition

FacePro, an integrated face recognition tool of GEODI, provides a new dimension for cognitive enterprise content management. Navigating your media archive with face and object recognition tools will unlock insights and unearth new meanings for security intelligence, enterprise archive, and sensitive data discovery.

Face Recognition

Automated recognition and tagging of faces from images and videos in your media archive. You only need to enter the name of that person for once.

Object Recognition

Recognition of objects from images and videos. Bridges, Effeil Tower, Traffic Signs, Skyscrapers, Traffic Lights, any object that you teach to our software.

Project Traffic Sign ➞

Ideal Users

Museums, Enterprise Media Archive Departments, Football Clubs, Intelligence services, News agencies, Newspapers, Universities…

Benchmarking Rates

With the tests according to International reference data, our success rate came out as %99.7.

Sample Project

We have created a sample project based on an opensource media archives. FacePro recognized some celebrity faces that we all know about. You can also try similar recognition tests with your media archive. The software will navigate through your own data.

FacePro Sample Project ➞