Uses of GEODI, Innovative Format of Information and Document Management


GEODI is a unique search engine and all the areas of
use we talk about here are based on it’s capabilities. GEODI 200+ examines different
formats and dozens of different files in the timeline, make it searchable from
one point. It is becoming one of the most critical capabilities of access to
information for individuals or institutions to increase as today's avalanche of
digital data. Reaching information quickly make it possible to have quick
decisions. The quick decision maker wins.

We can only understand the results of inaccurate
decisions or indecisions due to inaccessible information or accessing the
information very late. A way of breaking the chains of ineffective works,
unfinished projects, rising tension and unfortunate events is to make accessing
the information easier. The most basic profit of GEODI is to facilitate access
to the information. The ease of accessing to the information will save time and
money, increasing the performance.


GEODI brings a very different approach to the classical
archive system.

  • No metadata or index space required. The
        information is extracted automatically.  
  • Works completely from content. Extracts
        important information such as dates in content.  
  • Makes location-based knowledge open such as
        city, district, factory, customer.
  • Automatically reveals similar and duplicate
  • Generate document versions automatically.
  • Removes the gap between current documents
        and archive, getting them closer.
  • GEODI is a content management application
        that you can use 24/7. 

It brings different systems together.

We are faced with a wide variety of data pools within
different software, different times, different working styles, different
information from external channels. By eliminating all these differences, GEODI
promises you access to information with a single interface. Databases,
documents, and even social media are accessible from a single point!

It explores non-structural data.

You may be an inspector, judge, intelligence agent,
journalist, or an academic researcher. You may want to find personal data on
your network (privacy act). It is very difficult to read through thousands of
documents, articles and takes so much time needed to read.

Some of GEODI's talents make it a lot easier.
Pre-extraction of critical information makes it easy to resolve display
conflicts in the form of maps or network charts of documents and to achieve the
result. It is a feature that makes it easy to focus on the main task whilst
taking notes on location, picture and of course searching. 

Tracks social media.

GEODI makes it critically easy to follow what was said
about you with social media. There are software that does this job by word
tracking. GEODI takes this issue one step further and is able to monitor
concepts as well. Give a tweet after a person's name, announce the date later,
or create a news / tweet map with the place names in a tweet for a
municipality, analyze them, and it's very easy with GEODI.


CBSs are beneficial applications but require data
entry. They are also connected completely to structured data. You have the
locations/geometries of the parcels in your hand, but you cannot use the data
generated in an expropriation information system. Today there is a coercion
that everything should be around the GIS. GEODI breaks these walls and
increases the use of valuable information produced by GIS. When a certificate
is issued, GEODI automatically associates the document with the relevant
parcel, automatically placing it in place of the map with the mileage of the
railway project, for instance.


It provides an excellent environment for collaborative

The time that is spent with both internal and external
channels is very valuable.

  • monitoring of searches
  • informing with notes
  • adding information from the web to the same
        data source

With its key features, it facilitates both the
in-house team's work and makes the process between the organization and the
contractor very manageable and traceable.

View hundreds of different formats with one software.

The number of data formats we are facing differ a lot.
Things are getting out of hand when it comes to separate application for all of
them. And there is a mobile side of business. With the 200+ format GEODI
supports, it saves you from this trouble. In addition to office documents, PDF,
formats such as UDF, DWG, NCZ are also supported. 


Easy for software development.

For software developers, GEODI offers many
possibilities. Our Partners site explains the benefits of integration. GEODI
provides simplification of databases. It makes basic search functions much more
efficient and takes much shorter time. Imaging adds flexibility with non-structural data processing capabilities.