Municipality of Aksaray, "What is my Municipality doing?" Project

How can complaints be handled
in the municipalities or the private sector where complaints are provided at
serious rates every day? How can thousands of requests and complaints from
different media be followed? GEODI provides us to automatically analyze the
data from a wide variety of media, including social media, e-mail, call center,
SMS, and so on, regardless of the language and format of messages. Thousands of
messages come out with the information and the result you are looking for.


As a municipality, the work
force and time spent on crisis or complaint tables are incredible. No
municipality wants to experience deep sadness of complaints from citizens. Are
the units really interested in citizens? Was the citizen satisfied with the
approach and interest of the municipality? And a lot more questions...


With GEODI and MOBIDI we are
able to manage all these processes completely with
and big data without human factor. We
provide daily reports with access to any environment.

Can it make a situation
analysis on its own before it gets information about the citizen problem and

Yes. It can be done with the
"Map of Activities" created with GEODI.

"What is my Municipality
doing?" project is the most beautiful example for such interest. Citizen
can monitor all the municipality activities on the map and follow instant data
entered with MOBIDI. Clear answers about the problem can be reached by themselves
through GEODI. GEODI removes complicated wasted time and misunderstandings and
brings transparency to citizen municipality.


Complaints? The solution of the complaints map is very easy!

There is no challenge for
GEODI, from where and how the complaint came. GEODI will read the complaint
before the signifies and then initiates a process by sending the relevant work
order to the participant's correspondent.

For example:

When a citizen sends a
complaint from

address saying
instance, GEODI reads this statement and sends the request for cleaning to the
Cleaning Affairs Director by means of the phrase "
". This work order is assigned to
the field teams automatically. The user of MOBIDI on the field reads this work
order and complaint on a smart device. MOBIDI records the actions that teams
perform with photo, video or voice recording of the activities done. This
MOBIDI recording will automatically be sent to the Cleaning Affairs Director as
"completed". The relevant unit manager will register and review the
photos or video records and close the process as "completed". In this
process, GEODI automatically informs the complainant about the process in
relation to the complaint that resulted.

The map of the complaints, the
assessment of the citizens' requests as municipalities, the indication of what
regions have complained and why, the big picture can be displayed and the
services-activities can be shaped according to this information. Continuously,
in the municipality, the turnaround process of the service units is provided
for the requests coming from the citizens.

GEODI can be installed in
kiosks, on the municipal web site, as a mobile application. Thus, the citizen
can initiate the application process itself, follow the process and take an
active role in the fulfillment of the municipal services.

We wish a pleasant use.