Living Archives With GEODI

Make your archive smarter with GEODI...

You’ve bought scanning system and the index
information has been entered through designated fields, yet do you have trouble
with finding what you search? Or you’re doing it by yourself or have it scanned
but the process has stopped because of your dissatisfaction with the results.
You are definitely not alone, nor helpless.

Things work differently with GEODI. GEODI is an ideal
means for archiving, as well as its other utilities. Post-scanning tasks are
completely automatic. Yes, you heard right. Performing OCR, entering Index
field, classification is nonexistent. When you enter a scanned document, it
gives you a wide range of results.


There is no such thing as “Index field description”.
GEODI can provide unlimited index field. For instance, which date you will
enter if you want to enter the information about date in documents as an Index?
Which one is going to be used; document’s date of arrival, when it is sent or
other dates included? GEODI solves this issue by eliminating all date
information in the contents. It also finds out, by itself, which date stands
for what. Therefore, it works automatically when finding an information, while operators
must read everything row by row.

GEODI can handle millions of pages a day. How many
operators enable you to reach that speed?

Parcel Numbers…

Let’s give one more example about Index field.
There are parcel numbers in municipalities and contents related to cadaster and
parcel numbers may be written in different forms. In order to extract these information,
you have to train your operators well. Unfortunately, there is usually not
enough time for training and things work as always. GEODI can extract parcel
numbers too. It knows all forms of writing. It works fine even if the block
number and parcel numbers are separated. Or it can find the term “block 123,
parcels 1,4 and 8” too. If you were working with a system that used Index
field, how many different numbers would you have to allocate? 1,5 or 10 fields?
What if you come across a distribution table that consists of hundreds, if not
thousands, of parcels? These are not a big deal for GEODI. You input scanned
data or data already in a digital form, GEODI does the rest.


Maybe you imagined a map-aided archive software. Your
dreams may have come true with GEODI. Because GEODI draws parcels it has
extracted from contents on the Map too. Your Archive and Geographical
Information System are nested. The mapping is not only for parcels, it also
applies to streets, avenues, parks, neighborhoods or other geographical

For Your Information

A case document related to a parcel is in your
Archive. When will you be informed about it? Softwares such as EMMS seem to be
cut out for these jobs, yet since redirection and other matters are operated
manually, it is hard to carry it on. GEODI even monitors it for you. It can
meet the requests like "Notify me when a document that includes parcel numbers
comes" or "Notify me when a document comes from UYAP”. 

Don’t become lost in the archive, use GEODI.