GEODI Chrome Extensions.

GEODI now has a Chrome Browser extension

You can choose a word and
sentence from any website or web-based software and search it in GEODI by using
this extension. Downloading the extension from Chrome Web Store is free. After
the download, the GEODI logo will show up on the top-right corner. What you have to do is just click
the link below and enter the GEODI address that belongs to your corporation:

Some usage examples:

A document has
come to your EMMS system and you want to search a person’s name in other
documents + MIS + WhiteDesk. It is easier with the GEODI extension.

You have
received a report in the MIS and you want to search other information relevant to
a neighborhood.

You have
received a notification from social media, which can be chosen and searched for
similar notifications.

The extension
makes it easier to search by fixing parcel numbers or dates that are written in
different forms.

GEODI can access to all sources we have mentioned above. We make it even simpler with the new extension.

We hope you enjoy it.