GEODI is Practical!

GEODI does not require you to input data. You simply give access to your existing data folders, and e-mail and database addresses, if any. The identification process takes only 5-10 minutes.

After that, GEODI starts scanning. The scanning time depends on the size of the data. An average of 100 GB of data are processed per hour. GEODI does not keep you busy while scanning.

You can start using the information as soon as the scan is complete. If you are in a hurry, you can even use it while scanning is in progress.

Click on the Inquiry button, input what you are searching for, and look at the result. You will see that so much of the information you looked for before but were unable to find is now readily available.

GEODI has many features that will save you time. For example, it searches multiple resources simultaneously, you do not have to remember where a piece of data is located, and you can open the data in GEODI once you have found it.

We designed GEODI to be easy to install and use, and to be enjoyable at the same time.

You may have Word, Excel and PDF as well as Autocad or Netcad files. It makes no difference to GEODI. No extra software programs are needed to view the search outcomes.
You certainly have pictures. With GEODI, you can inquire when and where you took each photo, see your images on a map, annotate the pictures and share them

You have found the data, and you want to share it with a colleague. No problem at all! The solution is there, with a simple sharing action.

You have found the data, and a change in the text is required. Or, you want to make a note for a friend. Don’t worry! With GEODI, tasks such as making notes and e-mailing the people mentioned in the notes are very easy.

GEODI serves to save you time!

If you want several people to use the software at the same time, GEODI Server provides the solution. There are a couple of extra tasks to be performed, but these are not time-consuming at all.

With multiple users, authorization becomes an important issue. GEODI not only uses Windows authorizations but also allows you to define them yourself.  

The Server solution also paves the way for Mobile access. If your server is online, then you are ready for Mobile access. Download the GEODI Mobile application on your iOS or Android device via AppStore or GooglePlay, and input the address. The rest is up to GEODI - as you know by now!

We hope you enjoy using GEODI