GEODI for Law Offices

GEODI and MOBIDI for the legal World

Knowledge is power… If you know how to use it...

GEODI accelerates the information flow and ensures easier access to information. Using its analytical skills, it renders automatically so many things that
should be operated manually. It presents a joint Information and Document
Management platform for Managers, Lawyers, Clients, Court Experts and Secretariat. 

Automatic Schedule

GEODI ensures that information and documents that are created over time are
regularly accumulated. It extracts all dates in the documents and imprints
court dates, release date of a supreme court’s decision and a crucial date
promulgated into your schedule.

Organizational Memory

It allows all parties to share high security
information and documents on the Internet without a challenging software
learning process. Organizational Memory is formed via GEODI. There is no need for divisions such as old case or new case. With GEODI, your archive is formed automatically in Word, Excel, UDF and more than 200 file formats. It quickly and efficiently converts documents that have been scanned by OCR into texts.

Focus on your responsibilities

No more manual tasks

Minimizes the mistakes stemming from the manual
evaluation of Information and Documents. GEODI reads your Documents, identifies texts like date, person, case name, name
of place and presents in various ways; a Schedule, a Map or a Web Graph if you
want. These are all easier with GEODI’s inherent language process and AI technics.

Easier to share information and documents with your client

If required, you can establish sharing environments
with your clients or court experts, which has been restricted as you desire. Thus, processes speed up and operations decrease. Skills such as
Anonymization make it easier to share contents.


The tracking of regulations is no more a problem with GEODI. Include websites such as your personal library, various news outlets,
official gazette, online and open law sites and establish your own information