GEODI Connects

GEODI Connect

Can A Large Number of Applications and
Databases Come Together?

With its
ability to work with many different features GEODI finds a sustainable solution
to this problem as well.

A few basic

example, a person’s e-mail is in one database, TC identity number is in the
other, and employee information is in another database. But we need both e-mail
and TC identity numbers.

information is scattered across different databases, but the search needs to be
done from a single point.

different software and databases creates learning difficulties, extra care and
hardware needs.

A one-stop
search is a GEODI feature we already know and experience.

offers a very precise solution even when data is scattered across different
databases. It does not matter that the different information of the person is
in different sources. The person will come together on the name, at another
point the data will be collected via TC identity number.

GEODI data
sources also include a database option. Databases such as SQL Server, Oracle,
Access, and Postgres are supported. You do not need to do anything with the
default access type of GEODI. Each table and row is navigated. You can define
in detail which tables you want, how table relations and rows will look if you

There are many advantages to using the existing
unchanged data. Continuation of existing processes is an important achievement.
Not having to change the software is more important both in terms of process
and cost...