GEODI and MOBIDI Solutions in Municipalities

Our municipalities are at the forefront of
technological institutions since technology makes it easier to serve citizens
better. Municipalities with vision are investing in systems and solutions that
makes a difference in service.

Municipalities today are using various software such
as Call Center, MIS, GIS, Archive. Diversity is inevitable, however, after a
while diversity brings difficulties. Even if the software is produced by the
same company, they generally do not integrate with each other. Attempts to
solve problems with data acquisition, data health and other service purchases
are being pursued and data continues to flow at high intensity.

We connect GEODI with all the
software used by the municipality. With GEODI, obstacles in front of access to
information are removed within the authorities.

Connected Software?

Connected software means that when a call is made, the
call is processed at the same time within all sources. A citizen who is a real
estate taxpayer, for instance, may have had a complaint or made a registration
application. With GEODI, you
can find information about this citizen no matter how many different writings
there are or whether the files are spread or not.

Social Media is included as well as all the software
we mention. In this way,

The objective of GEODI is to improve all processes by
facilitating and accelerating information.

What happened to "last week" or "yesterday"?

"Last Week" or "Yesterday" or
"Tomorrow" can be a GEODI search call. You will be writing the same
and bringing you related documents and database records. History is one of the
most important information, and it goes through many different forms within the
documents. GEODI removes all this difference for you and gives you a single
question. In that case, you get rid of things like entering data into index fields.
GEODI offers you an unlimited index area at any time.


Is there anything left that is not related to the map?
Property, Address, Maintenance, Cleaning, Marketplace, License and many things
that you can think of for a municipality are related to the location/map. These
needs are met through GIS/Map software. However, how will units relate a location
data on a citizen's registration application with a social-media related
complaint? The solution of classical software is manual operation. Manual
operation requires additional resources, is open to fault and takes a long

GEODI does this for you automatically. Map of
Complaints, Map of Activities, Map of the Archive, Map of the Council Decisions
and many other maps are fully automatic. No matter which GIS software you use.

We are also mapping a social-media based data such as
"I live in 15 Hunsbarrow Rd. It is really hard to walk home at nights as
street lamps are not lit".

Mobile Users

Possible to work without mobile devices? We provide
flexible solutions that can be adapted to many areas such as Police, Cleaning,
Construction, Parking and Gardens, Social Assistance, Social Care and Survey.
MOBIDI is a mobile application that can now work without internet access on all
kind of devices run Android or iOS. You download and install this software from
mobile application stores. The rest of the empowerment and who is going to do
business is centrally managed. It can start working 10 minutes after setting up
and the application is as easy as anyone can use.

Notes, photos, audio and videos that mobile unites
send from the scene come out on both maps and queries, along with other data
sources. You can get detailed reports at any time.


GEODI is fully automatic in the process of OCR and
processing of scanned documents. But do not think of the archive as separate
software from other businesses. The archive is a reference source you might need
and GEODI does exactly that.

In classical archives, the metadata/index field is
entered. Th date of the document, who, by whom, the parcel number place, etc.
all are written. This manual operation is both error-likely and time-consuming.
GEODI fits the work perfectly. Moreover, how many parcel numbers are in the
document, it reveals all the dates that go into the content.

Different formats...

We must deal with a large number of different files in
the increasing volume and variety of data in the digital age. Word, Excel, PDF,
NCZ, AutoCAD, UDF, ZIP, RAR are among the first to be counted. Mobile or Web
GEODI users can view all these formats, 200+ in total, without additional work.
In an architectural project, they can note the height of the roof opposite to
the plan or a mistake in the geological survey report. They get the notes they
want automatically. Units would have been in danger of
getting lost between e-mails and document versions without GEODI.


GEODI and MOBIDI are among the
most secure software tested. It uses the institution's LDAP or similar systems
to access information and documents. An access that you do not authorize will
not be allow.

GEODI's version of the
institution works on the institutional server. There is no information out

Other topics you might be interested in...

GEODI has been developed using state of the art
technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.
With these patent applications, many tasks that classical software cannot do or
which require operator are fully automated.

Inventory is an important issue for every
municipality. Traffic signs are part of this inventory. GEODI can recognize
Traffic Signs from pictures and videos or 360-degree panoramic images. They can
tell you whether it is for you or not. Thanks to the software's learning
ability, you can also count the trash cans or other city furniture.

Applications such as AYKOME are much easier with GEODI
and MOBIDI. There is no such thing as institutions having to enter data into
each other's GIS systems or learn to enter data. Coordinates in a PDF or DWG
are enough. Even without the coordinates, the phrase "in the Bank
street" will often suffice.

GEODI automatically finds copy
and similar documents. No matter how many copies or the like of the same file
it reveals.