Enterprise Search and Beyond with GEODI

Enterprise Search and Beyond with GEODI

“Enterprise Search” applications refer to the tools that allow enterprises and companies to search in data from different sources.

As we all know, the Google Search Engine, the world’s most famous search engine works on only the open data on the web. Enterprise search however is software that allows company employees to access the companies own data. So you keep your data, you can chose who to authorize.

GEODI Server has all and more of the features of enterprise search applications. We will be writing about what it can do for “Enterprise Search”.

In-house Data:

- File Servers

- Personal Computers

- Databases

- Intranet Pages

- Electronic Document Management Systems

- Document Archive Systems

- ERP, CRM, GIS, MIS software databases

- Cloud Servers (like Dropbox)

- E-mail Server

External Data:

- Internet pages

- Social Media accounts

- Blogs

GEODI allows searching in all of these internal and external data sources.