e-Discovery with GEODI

Discovery with GEODI

If you have thousands of documents you must

You have
started a new job: You need to master the data at hand but how and how long
will it take? You are a lawyer, a prosecutor, a judge or an inspector. Are thousands
of folders and documents waiting to be read on your desk? You are a consultant
and they gave you some papers to ask you in case of crisis. How long will you
understand the details and address the problem? Information is requested about
a project that has been done a long time ago. Maybe you need a company name,
maybe a CAD drawing or a progress report. There are papers but it is time
consuming to look at one by one. Will it be easy to find what you're looking
for in dusty archives or hard drives? Many documents, maybe a complex hard
disk, hundreds of CDs are standing in front of you and you are expected to
examine them all in a short period of time and get results. What about the
solution? The solution you are looking for: GEODI. If there are thousands of
documents you need to explore with GEODI ... If this photo is familiar to you,
meet GEODI immediately! Thousands or even millions of documents; what will you search
for and where will you start? There will be many questions awaiting answers
such as who, what firms, which contracts, which reports, their location,
country and history.

Sit Back and Let GEODI Work

GEODI is a
software that reads and evaluates all the data in your hand using 'Natural
Language Processing' and 'Artificial Intelligence' techniques.

GEODI finds
a lot of information that could help you. Thanks to this you can reach a person
or a bank account number you never assumed, or you will find the part numbers
used in a CAD drawing and the person who did the drawing.

Seeing your
documents on the map is a very different experience. Relations between person,
place, date, location and other information appear much clearer. Documents, CAD
drawings, or entitlements that belong to a site or a kilometre automatically
pop up.

We also
know which document is written on which side. English, German, Italian or even
Chinese! So you will learn the documents that may need translation before you
even start working.

documents, hard discs, hundreds of CDs are in front of you and you are expected
to review them all in a short period of time and make conclusions. What about
the solution? The solution you are looking for: GEODI

Content in
many formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, e-mail, Photos, Autocad and
Netcad files, databases of different software, web pages and Twitter accounts
are scanned. We provide you with more data than we can count, including ID
numbers, Parseller, Kilometres, Locations, Exposure Numbers, Bank Account
Numbers, Dates, Provinces, Regions, Countries, Credit Card Numbers, Company
Names, Schools, Parties and Part Numbers.

software that can run on your personal computer or server. Your data does not
go out in any way. You can take notes on any kind of content. With the notes
you receive, you can navigate to the page you want or to a position in a CAD
file. The authority to access the data can be determined on the bases of
individuals and content.

GEODI can complete all of these in a few hours.

And after…

The automatically extracted data is a great
convenience for you. In addition, you may search with the word(s) you want and
you will find the content you want with GEODI. Office documents, CAD documents
or databases do not matter! Taking notes on their contents is one of GEODI's most
important features. The notes you take are also included in the content and
appear in your next searches.

Enjoy Discovery with GEODI...