Aksaray Municipality’s "Municipality at Home" Project

Aksaray Municipality is focused on serving citizens
with "Municipality at Home" project efficiently and effective. GEODI
and MOBIDI are used in the project, which ensures that each citizen is
satisfied with the municipality's services and that the citizen's participation
in the governance is measured. 

The team created by the
Municipality in the scope of the project, goes to the houses of citizens and

records the requests, needs, suggestions and complaints with MOBIDI system.
Requests taken during the meetings with citizens are sent to the necessary
units in the municipality with MOBIDI so that it brings immediate solutions to the
requests and needs.

Aksaray Municipality, which started running the project
before summer 2017, visited about 6000 residences in five months. Data gathered
through meetings is gathered at the center and converted into Smart Charts.
With these charts, information such as citizen satisfaction, how and where the
municipal services are followed and their awareness can be reported in the
neighborhood or street scale. Thus, the necessary data is provided to improve
municipal services.

The data provided from the municipality's public accounts
such as social media, web page, e-mails and BIMER are categorized by GEODI
Artificial Intelligence and operated 7/24 whilst automatically mapped to
relevant units.

Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı pointed out that the services
that the residents are seeking in line with the wishes and needs would be taken
as priority, "We promised our people that they can participate in the
administration when we are elected. If the service is to be delivered to a
neighborhood, it must first be adopted by the neighborhood and their request
must be reached for our service. We receive the requests and needs from the people
as a priority through our neighborhood parliamentary meetings and the
"Municipality at Home" project. We will carry out the services that
we determined according to priority order in the neighborhoods" he added.