Aksaray Municipality Solutions

Aksaray Municipality is one of the municipalities that
use GEODI and MOBIDI the most. In addition to many uses such as archiving,
information access, field data collection, field surveillance, they are also
used for specific projects. Thanks to the flexible infrastructure provided by
GEODI and MOBIDI, it is very easy to improve and apply the technical
infrastructure of the projects.

Food consumption is healthier with ‘Günebakan’

With the Günebakan project,
food businesses such as restaurants and bakeries are awarded with certificates,
thus providing more healthy products and services to the citizens. The field
teams also use the MOBIDI in the notes they have made during the inspections,
as well as the information about the operation. This information can easily be
provided by the GEODI infrastructure. Continuity is ensured by repeated audits
every 3 months.

 A photo of ‘Günebakan’:

‘What is my Municipality doing?’, Map of Activities

With the project "What is my Municipality
doing?", The activities of the field teams are shared with the citizens.
The MOBIDI records used by the field teams on a daily basis are connected to
the central database with GEODI without any additional effort and are ready for
publication on the map.

Map of Activities

The Municipality of Aksaray listens to the voice of
the citizen with "Municipality at Home".

"Municipality at Home" project measures
citizen satisfaction. If there is a request or complaint, it is instantly recorded.
Thanks to the flexible nature of MOBIDI, the same team can create a task for
cleaning when surveying. With MOBIDI Office's powerful reporting and analysis
capabilities, a wide variety of graphics and analyzes are performed, revealing
a lot of information such as faulty services, high level of satisfaction and

An instance of survey: