Aksaray Municipality ‘Günebakan’ Project

Aksaray Municipality initiated the ‘Günebakan’ project to control and
certify hygiene in food manufacturing or selling enterprises. The records of
the inspections conducted with MOBIDI within the project are presented on a
page prepared by GEODI. The citizen who clicks on any business has access to
detailed information and directions from the location she/he is.

With the ‘Günebakan’ Project, Citizens of Aksaray are

President Haluk Sahin Yazgı,
who is closer to the goal of making Günebakan and Aksaray a brand city, said,
"There is a great change in the social life and food culture of our
society. We, as the Municipality, have started the project called 'Günebakan'
in order to let our people consume cleaner and more safe food. This project will
not be punitive but will be an incentive project. We also do not force anyone
into this project because it is based on volunteerism. Any company that
requests can apply to us for a ‘Günebakan’ certificate.  By providing
the necessary conditions, our municipality may give the ‘Günebakan’
certificate. By increasing the brand value, businesses will appeal to the
selective citizens. Our people will be able to
shop from these establishments with peace of mind or sit down with their
families&guests and eat their meals comfortably.

How does the process work in ‘Günebakan’ Project?

Those who want to get a ‘Günebakan’ certificate first
need to apply to the Municipal City Police. Police in the municipality can make
inspections with MOBIDI instantly on tablets or telephones. It can take various
photo, video and audio recordings of the business. The companies that receive
80 points out of 100 points are given Günebakan Certificate. Every three
months, audits are ensured by sustainability.  

You can find more about the project here...