Online Connector Privacy Policy


The purpose of the GEODI application is accessing user’s documents whichare either local or online. These documents are processed by GEODI and fordifferent purposes. Users can search, examine, and work on their documents.

How We Use Information

When you use GEODI services, you’ll inevitably share some personalinformation with us. Since privacy is the most important thing in this era, wedon’t share any of this information including personal info and documents.

Data Security Policy

Under its data security policy, Dece Software Inc. undertakes:

  • To ensure that all activities are conducted effectively, correctly, rapidly and securely;
  • To abide by all customer conditions and legal obligations;
  • To be aware of all risks affecting the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of data belonging to the firm, its clients, suppliers and business partners, and     to manage these risks;
  • To ensure full participation from the firm in continuous data security trainings and counselling and to ensure a high level of awareness of data security within the firm, and
  • To address data security systematically and establish a structure that is constantly developing and improving and does not allow new risks to arise.

Removal of Project

Users may delete their project or some parts of their project. When user dothe deleting request, all the information and data under this scope will beremoved. There won’t be a backup for these information and data in order tomaximize the privacy.


If you have questions about the GEODI application, please send emailto