Spatial Solutions

GEODI is a GIS driven smart content management platform. With its patented design, GEODI automatically discovers and analyzes the unstructured data and solves the issues that traditional GIS systems and ECM systems can not deal with.

What Makes Us Different?

GEODI connects every location content directly with its integrated GIS without the need for manual data entry. It creates GIS with the automated migration of various kinds of contents, city names, addresses, drillers logs, road construction projects, CAD documents, etc.. GEODI solves the problems that traditional GIS platforms and ECM platforms can not solve.

Enterprise Archive and GIS

Automated connection of your Enterprise Archive and GIS. GEODI helps you to visualize your content search spatially. Geodata involves data migration from the contents like Parcel Numbers, Map Sections, Mileasges, Addresses, GPS locations.

Video GIS

Automatically create a GIS platform of the recognized objects from the video content, where you can visualize and check your inventory in your city, construction area, factory or campus. You may create these media archives with a simple camera record from your vehicles.

CAD & GIS Viewer

View CAD and other GIS documents, take notes on them and share with your colleagues. GEODI is an efficient collaboration platform for architectural offices, design offices, and municipalities.

Other GIS Softwares

Connect GEODI with other GIS software applications to discover unstructured data inside of those applications.

Spatial Analysis

GEODI discovers the relations between the locations and other contents. Navigate through your data with multidimensional analyzes between people, locations and dates.

Map of world news

Here is a sample project of GEODI, based on an opensource data set. In this project, you can see the car accident locations, locations of the current news and heat map of news on the map.

Project Map of World News ➞