Sample Projects

Turkish Parliament Records

Data mining through the records of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and relating the results to a map. Are you curious to know which member of Parliament said what about any particular place? If so, get your answer with GEODI.

News on a Map

How would you like to follow the news? Reading a lot of headings or looking to a map? GEODI magically show any news source on a map. As an example, we have used CNN, BBC and the Hürriyet Daily News web sites. Now you can keep up much more easily with ‘What’s happening where?’ You can also give other criterias to narrow the search.


Have you ever seen a Traveller’s Blog on a Interactive Map? Follow Mehmet Genç’s fascinating stories about South America and Amazons with GEODI. The Map on GEODI is an alternative and dynamic view of the web site.

Ottoman History

GEODI brings history and geography together for you. We are sure you have never looked at the history from this point before! Please take a look at the Ottoman history on a map using a range of search criterias from the Caucasus to the Balkans and the Middle East to North Africa.

The great Speech of Atatürk on a map

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s famous work, The Great Speech is about founding of the Turkish Republic. A single PDF file about 500 pages with a lot of names, places, dates, armies and occupant forces. GEODI automatically converts this document in to living map and connects peoples, dates, places all together.


All the capabilities of GEODI can be used to facilitate the work of law firms and practitioners in law. Its ability to identify names of people, TR identity numbers, articles of law, dates and similar information before even reading the document constitutes an important advantage in terms of information and allows for connections to be formed with other documents and data.

Make Technical Documents Interactive

An example using the technical documentation of a Cessna aircraft of how GEODI can relate a certain model of vehicle, machine or device to its documents. We turned the frame of the Cessna 172 into a map and then made it possible to use this map to find details of all the aircraft’s parts.

Geodi as a help tool, GEODI Searches Itself

You can witness the evidence of GEODI's flexibility and availabilty in any content or sector by searching GEODI's technical documents with GEODI itself. Test GEODI with GEODI. Enjoy it!

Other Projects

Here you can find a large number of sample projects that have been prepared with GEODI for sectors such as Municipalities, Public Institutions, Road Construction, Energy, Chambers of Trade and Organized Industrial Zones. User entry is required for this section. Please contact us for access information.

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