We provide smart information management solutions for smart cities. The era of decisions made by missing information is getting closed with the features of Belpedia.

An Address to Need of Information

Access to information in smart cities is not only a need demanded by Mayor or Municipal officials but also citizens themselves.  BelPedia solves the need for access to the information, pretends the being lost between different applications, accelerate the decision-making process.

A Solution to Information Access Challenges

Access all your data, that spread into various databases, applications, and sources as in different kinds of formats or created in different standards, from a single application. It leads you with its smart features and helps you to make decisions faster.

BelPedia Intranet Portal

BelPedia intranet portal manages the contents of the Municipality.  Automated indexing of archives, activities, and generated data from various databases. With the smart search feature, you will get a notification if there is a generated document about your interests. Automatically generate daily and weekly activity reports.  Municipal teams get closer and processes gets shorter.

Belpedia External Portal

Provide public services from a single point. Municipal Services, transportation, touristic places, restaurants, pharmacies and activities all of them could be in a separate data structure, but it is possible to provide them from a single platform.

Automated GIS

No matter how your content generated, it will always be connected with GIS. With that, you will possess significant sustainability.  You will keep your GIS up to date, even in disaster times.

Spatial Solutions ➞

Mobile Teams

BelPedia is compatible to integrate with other Mobile Team Management Applications. In this way, activities in the field get indexed daily or weekly. You can determine and prevent the default rates in advance with the help of activity maps.

More ➞

Social Media

Capture the requests of the citizens from social media.  Belpedia reads and interprets the messages and sends them to the relevant department. Increase your service quality and citizen satisfaction.

Record Your City With Videos

BelPedia generates object inventory by using video records with the help of AI. Unlike similar solutions, you will have your software and generate data as much as you want it to.


In addition to fast information access, BelPedia provides solution to the e-Discovery needs of your Municipality. It will continuously discover the sensitive data that your municipality possesses.