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GEODI : Supported Format and Integration

GEODI uses over 200 formats in 10 different media directly.  Word, Excel, PDF, NCZ, DWG, MPP, UDF, ZIP, RAR, Shape, Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Oracle, MySql, Postgres and many more. GEODI displays this content w/out any other software.


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System requirements

"GEODI - MOBIDI the hardware requirements for office installation can be found in the link below

- System Requirements

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Is there API for developers?

Yeah. A highly developed GEODI API is available. required details and API documentation and sample projects.

Using this API, you can process data from your own software by indexing GEODI, indexed data from GEODI, and many other operations.

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Is GEODI secure?

Yes  GEODI is a secure software. We have GEODI tested agaist cyber attacks  regulary and achieve very high level

No one  can access a content w/out permission because GEODI uses your corporate  access policy to puy permissions on content.

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How is GEODI licensed?

You can use GEODI for your individual and corporate needs. You can have GEODI in 1 - 10 - 25 - 50 and above user segments.

GEODI Modular structure. GEODI is the standard main module and will meet all your needs. You can add any module according to your needs.

GEODI works on your own servers. You can choose rental or ownership options.

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Do I need any other software to view documents ?

You don't need any other software to display documents. You can review or take notes on documents from any internet browser or a mobile phone.

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Can I display without AutoCAD or Netcad ?

With GEODI CAD-GIS Viewer add-on, you can display and search from content of CAD and GIS files. AutoCAD, Microstation, Shape, GeoDatabase, GeoTIF, KML, KMZ, NCZ and more.

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How do I use GEODI from within other software?

GEODI chrome plugin allows you to select any phrase and search it in GEODI. This is a very practical way of integration.

- Chrome Plugin

Also  software developers can easily integrate their software with GEODI. Please  take a look at the API documentation @

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What is the difference between GEODI and Traditional GIS software ?

GEODI  is a new generation content management platform that also includes GIS  features. Therefore, it is quite different from a traditional GIS software.  GEODI can use unstructured and structured data directly and extracts location  based information by itself.

CAD & GIS Brochure

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Which sectors can be used?

It can be used by anyone who wants to manage GEODI digital data.

Digital Transformation

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Which languages are supported ?

GEODI handles documents written in all world languages including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Software interface currently is in English, German, Russian, Arabic, Georgian and Turkish.

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Which operating systems are supported?

You access the GEODI via the internet browser. Therefore, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS or any operating system you can use.

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Does the GEODI read the scanned documents?

Reading text in scanned or photographed documents is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). GEODI also provides OCR support.

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Can databases be used as a data source?

Yes.GEODI can read databases independently of the schema. SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and many other DBMS are supported. There may be a very different database of different software in your organization. With GEODI, you can access all of them from a single point with one search.

GEODI allows you to access all kinds of data in one way and one point. The searches in your generated maps can come from dozens of different sources.

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Can ERP, CRM or MIS systems be integrated?

Of course. It is possible to transfer data into GEODI by means of API integration from many known ERP systems as well as database level access. Likewise, access and querying of data archived by GEODI using GEODI API can be performed via any ERP system.

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