Automatically discover and search data relationships across the enterprise helps you to find relations between people, a missing contract, big amount of purchasings, fraud or similar issues. Discover the known, and even unknown ‘dark data’ for greater control and visibility of the data landscape.

Relationship Discovery

Automated extraction of Names, Firms, Dates, Locations, Sensitive Data and Contract Types from the documents. It can reduce the many years of manual work into a few hours. AI-driven identification of relations between people, firms, dates, locations, sensitive data and documents will let you deepen your vision and find what you are looking for.

What type of Data?

Use all your enterprise data sources for discovery. Navigate on your data lake to discover everything - files, databases, email accounts, social media accounts, personal computers.

Ideal Users

Lawyers, independent and internal auditors, researchers, inspectors, prosecutors, strategists, journalists, intelligence officers and administrators…

Face and Object Recognition

People and objects in the images and videos are also automatically discovered and related to other contents.

Face and Object Recognition Solution ➞

Sample Project

We have created a sample project based on opensource data sets about World War 2. Choose People of WW2 Layer and open up Graph View (Network View) and see the connection between key people of WW2. Examine which of those people have the biggest impact and role on the War. You can also try and examine similar queries with your data. The software will navigate through your own data and discover the content.

Project World War 2 ➞