Digital Transformation with AI

Enterprise Search Solution

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Enterprise Search brings all of your digital content together. Files, Databases, Archives, Invoices, Faxes, Social media, Web Pages, Incoming emails and more becomes accessible from a single point. Accessing necessary information just in time and place accelerates all processes.

GEODI supports structured and unstructured 200+ different formats.

Digital Archive

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Recognizes scanned documents, makes OCR, and makes them searchable from the content. Allows any digital archive to built faster and cheaper.

By using AI, does not require metadata, classify documents, informs about changes of interest, finds copies and similar materials, display content even CAD documents w/o requiring any other software,  can search by image and more.

Optionally, you can make your archive even more valuable with add-ons such as face recognition from videos and photos.


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Our Innovative products automate many manual tasks in Municipalities. Document Archiving, GIS Integration, Geographical Archiving, Management of Mobile Teams, Field Data Capture, Management of CAD and GIS Content, Collaboration with Other organizations, Management of Social Media Messages and e-Mails and more...

Interactive Documentation

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Training and documentation for today's sophisticated devices is a significant challenge. You can use the GEODI Interactive Documentation features for training and document access in a factory, in a school or for a process. Because GEODI uses your existing data as it is, you can have the solution you are looking for is available now.

Mobile Team Management

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Our Mobile Team Solution is a general purpose and very flexible solution. Flexible form design, powerful reporting, and integration into existing systems can meet many needs directly. You can directly transfer photos, sounds and other information collected by mobile teams to CRM, ERP, GIS systems.

Works offline and online, on iOS and Android, with Lease or on-Premise licensing options.

Big Data Analytics

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Big data, with ever-increasing volume and diversitiy, makes accessing content a lot more difficult.

GEODI provides practical and working solutions to manage Big Data. 

Focus on your main business and let GEODI manage the data and

Law Firms and Legal Departments

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GEODI accelerates information flow and automates many manual tasks with its Analytical Capabilities.

GEODI is a New Generation Information and Document Management Platform for Executives, Lawyers, Clients, Legal Experts, and Secretaria.
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Face Recognition

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We detect and classify faces from videos and photographs with high accuracy. It is useful for any intelligence, e-Discovery, Media Archive or biometric purposes. Our tests show more than 99% accuracy on the "Labeled Faces in the wild" benchmark dataset.

Face recognition is integrated with GEODI and can be used with all other options.

Resource Inventory

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Directory of People, Projects, or Companies is a top requirement of many institutions and organizations. A Structured approach creates many difficulties as bringing diverse capabilities to a standard is a difficult job by itself. Creating a directory using the AI based features of GEODI is a lot easier and sustainable. Users do not have to know and use a lot of keywords just to make a search.

Road Management Solutions

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GEODI and MOBIDI platform together creates a unique solution. TrafficPro automatically creates Geographical Inventory of traffic signs from videos. GEODI maps all structured and unstructured documents, like projects, reports, and design files, MOBIDI collects data from the field, Imagepro recognizes road defects, and they also work with AutoCAD, ArcGIS or Microstation

Campus Information System

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It is very easy to create a campus information system with GEODI for a university, industrial plant, factory or holiday village. This solution, which uses the available data as it is, will change your perspective on information.

Tourism Maps

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Tourism maps are essential but difficult to create. A preferred solution should contain restaurant menus, details of historical sites, events and more. This information needs to be continuously updated. Unlike conventional map software, GEODI does this directly through existing data and provides a sustainable solution.

GIS-MIS Integration

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GEODI is a new generation of GIS software. Unlike classic GISs, it works on entirely unstructured data. Such software like ArcGIS can work directly with PDF, Office Documents, e-Mails and so.

Information Governance

Today Information Governance is one of the most important challenges of any organization. Understanding structured and unstructured information is the starting point. Our solutions give a clear perspective of the information you have. Search, Discover the Spatial Relations, Discover the Time Relations, Share or Analyze the content. GEODI’s unique patented technology solves many problems what once required more than one solution that is difficult to integrate and sustain.

Please tell us about your needs and let us show how we solve them.


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GEODI offers solutions that contribute to every sector.

Please contact us for your sector specific solutions...

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