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We produce unique solutions for the most fundamental issues needed for Digital Transformation. Corporate Search, Mobile Team Management, Document Archive, GIS-Supported Archive, Collaboration Platform, Social Media Monitoring, Face Recognition.

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GEODI and MOBIDI provide a direct solution to many problems in the energy sector. It provides an information and document management environment that covers a large number of stakeholders with the direct processing of non-structural data, particularly the feeding or sustaining of geographic information systems.

GEODI and MOBIDI for sustainable solutions that do not require training, require no training and no data labor, thanks to easy monitoring of field activities or automatic classification of citizens' requests to relevant units.

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Our Innovative products automate many manual tasks in Municipalities. Document Archiving, GIS Integration, Geographical Archiving, Management of Mobile Teams, Field Data Capture, Management of CAD and GIS Content, Collaboration with Other organizations, Management of Social Media Messages and e-Mails and more...

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Construction Companies

Our products accelerate Digital Transformation of your company. By Directly processing Unstructured and Structured Data makes many tasks automatic that used to be done previously manually.

GEODI and MOBIDI bring CAD, GIS files, Databases, External Content, Office Documents, PDF files and more together to speed up processes.

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Law Firms and Legal Departments

GEODI accelerates information flow and automates many manual tasks with its Analytical Capabilities.

GEODI is a New Generation Information and Document Management Platform for Executives, Lawyers, Clients, Legal Experts and Secretaria.

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Industrial Facilities

Factories, construction sites, dozens of buildings in industrial plants, dozens of locations and machinery on one side; hundreds of contracts, thousands of emails, proposals, bills and countless number of documents on the other side... and imagine the amount of data that is created to manage and maintain all of this.

GEODI and MOBIDI provide you with practical solutions for the management of all field and office-based processes.

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Information Governance

Today Information Governance is one of the most important challenges of any organization. Understanding structured and unstructured information is the starting point. Our solutions give a clear perspective of the information you have. Search, Discover the Spatial Relations, Discover the Time Relations, Share or Analyze the content. GEODI’s unique patented technology solves many problems what once required more than one solution that is difficult to integrate and sustain.

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GEODI offers solutions that contribute to every sector.

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Special Solutions

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