Its time to add an AI-driven Smart Search, e-Discovery, Face Recognition and Mapping features to your application.

Success Story: Lawyer Team

With the merge of GEODI, Lawyer Team started to provide an advanced and cognitive searching solution to its clients that are more than 2.000 different law firms. The searching process would start with Lawyer Team application and then GEODI shows the search results, hence the user could reach to shown data from The Lawyer Team application. With GEODI, Lawyer Team possessed a central legislation platform alongside cognitive searching abilities.

Success Story: GAMOS

This GEODI basis product has epochal features for Library, Archive and Museology field. Application has the abilities of AI-driven data extraction and particular data monitoring options.

Use Cases

You can develop various kinds of applications about Content Management, Document Management, and Mobile Team Management that basis on GEODI and MOBIDI.  An AI-based design and solid infrastructure will help you to make a powerful start by shortening and debugging the authentication process.

Easly Integrate automated data extraction, GIS connection, accesable content from a single point, Social Media monitoring, content classification, Face and Image recognition and emotion analyzing features to your application.

GEODI API Documentations

For API documentation and sample codes <>