Cognitive Content Management

Discover, Search, Classify and connect all your content to GIS with AI-based Content Management Solution, GEODI.

Cognitive Search and Archive

Search, Discover, Classify and Archive all content with AI-based tools. Access all data from a single point.

Leveraging Business Data and GIS

GEODI makes all kind of content Location-aware. A map shows you the Big Picture. You get a sustainable GIS integrated to your ECM. It is now very easy to generate a map of customers, activities, web-pages, social media, an e-book or databases w/o requiring any GIS knowledge.

Data to Insight

GEODI helps you to create insight from your data. GEODI discovers the relations between different documents, makes semantic searches, creates an automatic calendar, finds copies or duplicates of data and versions. Allow analysts to spend less time searching for data and reports and more time deriving new insights.


Integrates with 10+ sources and 200+ document types including, CAD-documents, databases, web pages, emails, social media, scanned documents, KML, Shape-files and more. Nothing left behind.

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Our collaboration features save you time and labor. Decrease unnecessary e-mails, create less duplicate content and spend less time to look for a paragraph. Take notes on the document, share with your colleagues and inform everyone without creating a version of the document.

Media Archive

Make your media archive shine with face recognition and image recognition features. Search a person, a place or an object in videos and photographs along with any other content.

Face and Object Recognition Solution ➞

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor Social Media within same solution. Track your reputation, or track issues from customers.


As your data grows, it will be harder to find sensitive data. GEODI Discovery detects the sensitive data, gives insights, like connections between the content.

e-Discovery Solution ➞