Our Solutions in Various Sectors


Our Innovative products automate many tasks carried out in Municipalities . Document Archiving, Zoning Archiving, GIS Integration, Geographical Archiving, Management of Mobile Teams, Management of CAD and GIS contents, Management of Complaints, Management of Activities, and creation of maps of aforementioned tasks are all carried out automatically.

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Law Firms and Legal Departments

GEODI accelerates information flow, facilitates information access. Its Analytical Capabilities automate many tasks that are conventionally carried out manually.

GEODI is a New Generation Information and Document Management Platform for Executives, Lawyers, Clients, Legal Experts and Secretariat.

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Industrial Facilities

Factories, construction sites, dozens of buildings in industrial plants, dozens of locations and machinery on one side; hundreds of contracts, thousands of emails, proposals, bills and countless number of documents on the other side... and imagine the data that is created to manage and maintain all of this.

GEODI and MOBIDI provide you with practical solutions for the management of all field and office-based processes.

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Construction Companies

GEODI and MOBIDI have been designed to facilitate your company's digital transformation. With Artificial Intelligence Techniques, many tasks that are used to be done manually, have been carried out automatically. They simplify the processes currently being done by various software products and speed up access to information at every step by providing one-point access to your content contained in various data sources in your own company.

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Other Sectors

  • Researchers
  • Survey Companies
  • Citizens
  • Travelers
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