Legal Conditions and privacy policy

Legal Conditions
All information, tables, comments and advice on the DECE Software Inc. website, as well as the links provided here are presented for information purposes. All reasonable effort was made to ensure that the information on the DECE Software Inc. website reflects the current situation accurately. The information on this website may be changed, corrected or omitted at anytime and without advance notification. DECE Software Inc. does not accept responsibility for direct or indirect results of such changes, misinterpretation of the information on the website, unintentional incorrect information, damages or losses resulting from the information on the website, from the transactions conducted based on this information or from the inability to access the website, and direct or indirect damages or losses arising from entering any website that has been linked on this website or from the use thereof.

The information available on the website may not be partially or completely copied, distributed, leased, reproduced, sublicensed, altered, kept for future use, used or allowed to be used for any commercial purposes without the prior written consent of DECE Software Inc.

The usage of any information on this website in violation of the laws and the rules indicated here, and distortion thereof in any way will result in our taking legal action.

The copyright of the information and other material (designs, pictures, logo, etc.) belong to DECE Software Inc., and may not be reproduced without prior written consent. The Legal Software Notice in Turkish will be used as a basis in the resolution of any dispute that may result from the use of the website and the information therein contained. Users visiting our website will be deemed to have accepted the conditions below, including but not limited to those listed, for all purposes and circumstances.

Privacy Policy
The principles governing the collection and use of your personal information presented to DECE Software Inc. under certain conditions in connection with your visit to DECE Software Inc. website are indicated below. All data collected are present in the DECE Software Inc. database. DECE Software Inc. may combine, check, and request you to verify, if necessary, your ID and other personal information. Your personal information shall not be given to third parties in return for money or other benefits under any circumstances, and can only be used by DECE Software Inc.  and its affiliates so as to give notification of the services provided by the group companies. DECE Software Inc. automatically collects features such as the visited sections and the clicked areas while the visitors browse the website. These data are only used with the purpose of detecting the viewing and following ratings of different areas. In case “cookies” , which detect through what route or in what way pages have been visited, are used, the viewing and following ratings of the website are collected as statistical data. This practice is not directed against individual users. The technology aims to ensure that it is easier for visitors to reach the content of the sections they more frequently visit as of their first visit to the site.DECE Software Inc.  does not accept responsibility for damages resulting from the usage of your personal information within the framework of the aforementioned conditions. Those benefiting from our services are deemed to have read and accepted all these conditions. DECE Software Inc. reserves the right to alter the above explanations without advance notification.

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